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Andrew Osborne Hasley created this post

Keyboard shortcuts for Google's suite of online tools and how to enable them

The use of Google’s tools for collaborative assignment preparation is increasingly common in online courses. The G Suite also offers conferencing capability that some instructors are using for synchronous online meetings.

All of these tools have built-in hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts that enable them to be used completely mouse-free. However, they are often not visible or available by default. The linked page provides lists of these hotkeys and instructions to enable them for each tool.

The ability to use the keyboard is important for students and instructors who cannot or choose not to use a mouse, as well as those who use screen readers and other forms of assistive technology.


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Accessibility, Inclusivity, and Universal Design

When moving an in-person course online it is important to ensure that your materials are accessible for all students. In this collection are some guides and tools around accessibility and inclusivity.

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Hayley Orndorf