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Sam S Donovan created this post

Implementing Demography from Cemetery Module

The curriculum module “Implementing Demography from Cemetery Module” was created by Dr. Alexis Racelis and is built on the TIEE publication:  Cemetery Module.

Abtract: This lab provides a rich and flexible version of widely-used demography exercises that have been previously based on data collected from cemeteries.  This lab teaches life tables and survivorship curves.  Over two lab periods, small student groups develop and answer questions comparing the survival patterns of different groups of humans (e.g., groups that differ in  time period, gender, ethnicity, etc.).  Data on human demography can be gathered from tombstones in local cemeteries that provide ages at death.  Students may also compare survivorship curves on the same groups generated by different data sets.

Discuss this curriculum module here. You will need to be logged in to view the discussion.

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Sam S Donovan onto CREEDS Workshop Curriculum Modules

CREEDS Workshop Curriculum Modules

This is a collection of the modules that we will be discussing during the CREEDS workshop. You can use this discussion space to share questions / comments / and ideas about the modules.

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Sam S Donovan