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Are you designing your courses for the fall and thinking about integrating immunology concepts – either as a stand-alone module or in an interdisciplinary way - as a topic that integrates with other content in your course? Then please consider taking the following surveys to provide feedback on important concepts and competencies in immunology education.

You may watch this video to gather a little bit more information on the design of this…



Society for Leukocyte Biology-sponsored Immunology Educator Resources series - 2021 

Title: Conceptual Framework for Undergraduate Immunology Education

Description: Join in a discussion about the important concepts for undergraduate immunology education and how they can be used in a classroom to foster conceptual understanding of immunology

When: Friday Sept 10th and it is open to everyone who registers. 

More information and a link to register for free can be found…



ImmunoReach will be hosting a Faculty Mentoring Network in Spring 2022 (February - June 2022). If you or anyone you know of, might be interested in working and creating something together for our students, then please consider applying. Applications are due by January 3rd, 2022. This opportunity comes with a modest stipend and unlimited support. Please see this link for additional information:


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Immunology Topics To Teach In Undergraduate Education

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