About FLAMEnet

Our Mission

While failure and challenge are a natural part of scientific inquiry and education, today's college level STEM students are rarely provided with a safe space or the support they need to confront and cope productively with failure. The Failure as a part of Learning: A Mindset Education network (FLAMEnet) is a nationwide network designed to bring together higher education STEM faculty, education researchers, and psychologists in order to design, deploy, and assess educational interventions that benefit students by promoting academic tenacity and resilience in STEM. 

Our Goals

  • To build a diverse community of STEM education practitioners, education researchers, and social science researchers who study student responses to academic failure and challenge in college and university settings
  • To foster an inclusive academic learning community to explore how non-cognitive factors influence students during moments of challenge and failure
  • To develop, refine, test, and broadly disseminate psychosocial interventions that benefit students by helping them learn how to deal with challenge and failure¬†
  • To broadly cultivate undergraduate STEM learning environments that enable students to learn from failure, develop academic and scientific resilience and tackle complex problems