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Our Mission

While failure and challenge are a natural part of scientific inquiry and education, today's college level STEM students are rarely provided with brave spaces to fail and try again, and they rarely encounter the support they need to confront and cope productively with failure. The Factors affecting Learning, Attitudes, and Mindsets in Education network (FLAMEnet) is a nationwide network designed to bring together higher education STEM faculty, education researchers, and psychologists in order to design, deploy, and assess educational interventions that benefit students by promoting academic tenacity and resilience in STEM. FLAMEnet aims to change academic culture in STEM to promote scientific resilience in tomorrow's scientists and citizens by:

  • Developing, assessing, and disseminating interventions that target decreases in fear of failure and increases in students’ scientific resilience,

  • Increasing STEM instructor knowledge and agency to promote a culture of student scientific resilience, and

  • Bringing together diverse stakeholders (STEM instructors, education researchers, psychology researchers, academic leaders, students) to capitalize on change models and shape academic culture around failure in STEM, both within our network and in the broader academic community.