Educational Interventions 

Below you will find brief descriptions and instructions for selected interventions that FLAMEnet team members have worked to develop and implement in their classrooms. Each intervention focuses broadly on developing students’ abilities to navigate scientific challenges and failures in undergraduate STEM learning contexts. If you would like more information on these interventions, or are interested in implementing them in your own class, please contact the program managers at

​​​​​​*Important note: After downloading a copy of each intervention for your records, please be sure to "save as" to overwrite a copy in your name.*

Research Reflections/Digital Communication

Implementation context: Implemented in Lab or CURE courses where students routinely encounter research failures (e.g., a failed DNA extraction), challenge, or ambiguity.

Brief description:  Students are prompted to reflect on their responses to research failures or challenges in written form throughout the term. Near the end of term, students use these reflections as inspiration to create a digital communication product (e.g. video, podcast) sharing insights about how to learn from failure with their peers. The goal is to encourage a growth mindset, mastery goal orientation, and productive coping skills. Digital communication assignments from one year can be shown to students in the subsequent year to enable peer-to-peer communication regarding the importance of failure as a part of the learning process.

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Assessment Reflection

Implementation context: Implemented in any courses with exams or quizzes, typically lecture courses.

Brief description: Students are prompted to review incorrect answers from an exam and also answer prompts designed to help them develop a plan for improvement on subsequent exams. The prompts and messaging throughout the assignment are specifically designed to encourage a growth mindset, mastery goal orientation, and productive coping skills.

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Note: The download link provides Google form versions of the three Assessment Reflection measures. We can also provide Qualtrics versions if desired; email us at

*Again, it is important that you create your own copy of these forms using "save as" or "save a copy" once your have downloaded them and prior to administering to your students.*