FLAMEnet 2021 Workshop

With support from the National Science Foundation (RCN UBE 1919953), we hosted our 4th Annual FLAMEnet Workshop via Zoom and Gather.town from Wednesday, May 12th through Friday, May 14th, 2021.


Meeting Theme: Transforming Cultures and Affirming Resilience in STEM - Our focus is on transforming the culture within STEM classrooms to better support the resilience of all students with specific attention to students who have been historically excluded due to race, ethnicity, gender, and other factors. The focus of this year’s meeting is strengths-based. We want to emphasize positive productive actions that instructors can take to recognize the innate resilience of all students and help students to draw upon their skills and backgrounds to succeed. 

Tentative Schedule:

Wednesday May 12th - 3-5pm ET

3:00-3:10pm                                        Opening remarks

3:10-4:00pm                                        Keynote - Dr. Mica Estrada (talk details

                                                                             Associate Professor, Institute for Health & Aging, UCSF

4:00-4:10pm                                        Break

4:10-5:00pm                                        Welcome gathering and social hour


Thursday May 13th - 11am-4pm ET

11:00am-12:00pm                                Workshop session 1 (Descriptions of talks here)

12:00-12:45pm                                     Networking lunch

12:50-1:40pm                                       Keynote - Dr. Viji Sathy (talk details)            

                                                                               Professor of Practice; Faculty for Inclusive Teaching; Director, Townsend 

                                                                               Program for Education Research, UNC-Chapel Hill

1:40-2:00pm                                         Break

2:00-2:40pm                                         Mini-grant awardee panel/talks

                                                                               See full details of mini-grant talks, including titles and talk descriptions here.

2:40-3:00pm                                         Break

3:00-4:00pm                                         FLAMEnet business meeting

4:00pm-                                                Steering committee will be available to consult on potential mini-grant ideas or answer questions


Friday May 14th - 10am-12pm ET

10:00-11:00am                                     Workshop session 2 (Descriptions of talks here)

11:00-11:05am                                      Break

11:05-11:55am                                      Keynote - Dr. Terrell Morton (talk details)

                                                                               Assistant Professor, Identity and Justice in STEM Education, University of Missouri

11:55am-12:00pm                                Closing remarks

12:00pm-                                              FLAMEnet “after hours” - optional networking time


Visit the member archives to revisit the keynote speeches and workshops (session 2) from this meeting. 

Stay tuned to @FailureMindset for updates on the next workshop!