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Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations & Opportunities with Differential Equations — SIMIODE

Happening Now

  • SIMIODE is preparing for our next EXPO which scheduled for February 10–13, 2022. Registration is open now, and abstracts for presentations are being accepted too. The slides and videos from EXPO 2021 are available if you want to see what last year's conference was all about.

  • SCUDEM judging is winding up. We had loads of wonderful video submissions and the judges are carefully reviewing the presentations. Watch for the results soon.

    SCUDEM is a 3-student group modeling challenge that runs over multiple days culminating in a 10 minute video which is reviewed by at least 3 judges. Challenge Problems are provided in the areas of:

    • physics/engineering,
    • chemistry/life sciences,
    • social sciences/humanities.
  • SIMIODE is joining forces with QUBES so we can be a part of this sustainable and vibrant community. Watch this webspace for updates as we migrate our resources here.

Who We Are

SIMIODE is an open community of teachers and learners using modeling first differential equations in an original way.

What We Do

SIMIODE is a Community of Practice. SIMIODE activities include:


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