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SCUDEM VIII 2023 Challenge Period
20 October–13 November 2023


Problem A clarifications offered in this posting of the problems.

(PDF file, 362KB) Download and post our flyer (PDF, 362KB) to share news of SCUDEM 2023.

SCUDEM VIII 2023 is supported by MathWorks.

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Student teams will be provided a copy of MATLAB®  

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties at MathWorks the 10 October 2023 webinar was interrupted and not recorded. However there is a Blog transcript of the session here.  

Registration for judges is still open. Consider volunteering as a Judge for SCUDEM VIII 2023. Hundreds of colleagues from academe, business, government, and non-profit sectors have volunteered their time and enjoyed giving feedback to young modelers on their work in SCUDEM

General Information about SCUDEM

SCUDEMSIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling is a 3-student group modeling challenge that runs over multiple days culminating in a 10 minute video which is reviewed by at least 3 judges. Teams and Coaches may meet remotely. Team submissions will be judged Outstanding, Meritorious, or Successful.

Teams choose one of the Challenge Problems provided in the areas of

  • physics/engineering,
  • chemistry/life sciences,
  • social sciences/humanities,

and develop a model using differential or difference equations and a presentation.

Read the Complete Rules for details of the challenge.

See problem statements and results for past events in our wiki. SIMIODE's YouTube channel features presentations of past Outstanding Award recipients.

Consider volunteering as a Coach for SCUDEM IX 2024. Plan to start working with your team before SCUDEM begins in order to help prepare these energetic students for the modeling experience.

Watch the Collegial Conversation webinar from 27 September 2021, conducted by Brian Winkel (Director SIMIODE) and Anthony Stefan (Florida Institute of Technology) for practical advice for Coaches and Student Challengers. The slides of the presentation include helpful links to details and guiding materials.

Outstanding SCUDEM Team Papers Published

MathWorks software information

We are pleased to offer all SCUDEM VIII 2023 participants (team members and coaches) a complimentary MATLAB & Simulink license as well as  MATLAB and Simulink training materials that will teach everyone how to use MATLAB for differential equation modelling and visualization. For registered teams and coaches you can visit this webpage and press "Request Software" to acquire your license. MathWorks customer services will send you a license key within 48 hours. You can then use this key to install MATLAB following the instructions from video.

You can experience and learn about MATLAB immediately after registration here at these helpful sites.

SCUDEM is administered by SIMIODE, a non-profit Community of Practice focused on a modeling first approach to teaching differential equations.

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