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How to Change Email Settings in a Forum


Forums are places for group discussions. Forums with lots of activity tend to generate lots of email. New group members are automatically subscribed to receive all of this email, as each post occurs. 

This can quickly become overwhelming, but can easily be reduced by changing your email settings. This way you won't miss any updates, but your inbox won't be flooded either. Since global control of these settings is not available, each user must determine their own settings.

Navigate to the Group

  1. Go to the QUBES Home page
  2. Log in to access your Groups and other memberships. 
  3. From your Dashboard, look under "My Groups" and select the group for which you would like to change the forum email setting. 
  4. Click "Forum" from the menu on the left. 

Within the Forum

  1. On the right click on "Change your settings" under the heading, "Email Settings."
  2. Here you may choose to opt out of emails from forums entirely, or to receive a digest email.

  3. Un-checking the first box will end all forum email. This does not mean you will lose access to the forum content. It will always remain within your group forum, but you will not receive any email notification about forum posts. 

  4. Leaving it checked allows you the option to receive an email every time someone posts, or to receive the digest email. The digest email is one email containing all forum updates from the designated time period.  

  5. If you would like the digest email, you can then select how often you would like to receive updates with the options of Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

  6. Click save.

This changes the email settings for the forum within this group only. If you would like to make similar changes in other groups, you must go to that group's forum page.



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