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Communicating and Posting in Groups

The left side of your QUBES Group page will have a dark blue menu bar with the following options
for posting content, files and for communication.


This Overview page, which is viewable by the public, gives information for the group and links to our sub sections. The group managers will be able to edit content.


The member tab displays pictures, bios, and contact information for the members in your group.


Most communication to group come and are saved here. Group managers create an announcements which are sent via email to you everyone in the group.


The collections area is where group members and managers will store and share materials (articles, lesson plans, resources, etc.) with the group. 


Discussion happens on the forum wall. Use this space for questions and dialogue. Text posted here can also generate and email similar to the announcements area. Respond via email or directly in the form.


The project section of the page can house works being generated by the group and/or sub projects developed by group members. This is where you will publish your final products onto the QUBES hub.

A visual version of this information is included below with green arrows connecting feature descriptions to their menu placement:


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