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Getting Started with Supergroup Development

In order to develop for a supergroup:

  1. Get access to HubZero's GitLab repository and fork the repository corresponding to your group. [link]
  2. Choose a location to do the design and development. [link]
  3. Get more information on how to design web pages and templates. [link]

Getting access to GitLab

New supergroup developers need to follow these steps (summarized from these instructions):

  • Submit a support ticket requesting Gitlab access. In the ticket, state the supergroup name and all users requesting access.  Within 24-48 hours, you will receive an email with a temporary password to Gitlab.  Visit the Gitlab site and change your password.
  • On the Gitlab site, enter or request an SSH key.
  • Once this is done, go to the supergroup repository (owner will be qubeshub).  Fork the repo.

Choose a location for design and development

There are two main options for where to do the design and development:

  • Download an instance of the HubZero CMS through the use of a Vagrant Box (recommended)
  • Request access to the QUBES dev server by submitting a support ticket (requests granted only on rare occasions)

Additional Information

This link tells you everything you need to know regarding designing and developing within a supergroup, including how to edit the global template, how to create page templates, and how to create standalone pages outside of the front-end page creation workflow.


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