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Adding/Deleting Team Members From a Project

To add or delete members, you must be a manager of the project.

To add or delete members, from the project's home screen, click on the "Team" Tab.

Next, click on the orange "Edit Team" caption.


1. Add New Members

Specify the following information for the new member (see image below):

  • Role
    • Manager
    • Collaborator
    • Reviewer (read-only)
  • Who will be invited
    • Registered QUBES individual
    • Registered QUBES group

2. Deleting Existing Members

Check the box assigned to the member you wish to delete.

Click the Delete button.  When you delete a team member from the project group they will be notified by their QUBES messages or email (depending on their settings).  Deletion is not permanent, and if desired, you can add the person back to the project at a later time. 


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