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Editing Team Members' Roles in a Project

The tasks a project team member can participate in depends on their role.  There are three different roles:

  1. Manager
  2. Collaborator
  3. Reviewer (read-only)

A Manager has access to edit every tab of the Project.  This includes editing the Project's Info (title, alias, description, picture, and availability) and editing the Project's Team (adding, deleting, and changing roles of a member).

A Collaborator has access to edit all aspects of the Project except for the "Info" and "Team" Tab.

A Reviewer is unable to edit any aspect of the Project, but is able to read and access everything.

To edit members' roles, you must be a manager of the project.

From the project's home screen, click on the "Team" Tab.

Next, click on the orange "Edit Team" caption.

From the 'Edit Team' screen, click on the member's role that you would like to edit.

Choose from the drop-down menu which role you would like the member to hold.  Then click the green save button to finalize the change.


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