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The Notes section of projects is a wiki area. Notes can be used to keep records, schedules, timelines, notebooks, or any other information. Notes can be divided into sections for organization as well. 

First, navigate to the Notes area from the left side menu. 

The notes page may be blank if no notes have yet been created. If that is the case, start a new note. There may be notes already created, show on the right hand menu. 

new note.JPG

You will be taken to the editing page. Here you will enter a title and text for the page. 

enter text.JPG

The Notes area is a Wiki editor. This means there are specific formatting commands. Help for wiki formatting can be found below the page text entry. There are specific commands for font styles, headers, and lists.

wiki help.JPG

To include images in a Notes page, or to link to a file, the image or file must first be uploaded below the text entry field. 

add file.JPG

When you have entered and formatted your text, add some descriptive metadata. Tags help others search for content in your Notes. If you have changed an existing section of Notes, include a brief description of the changes made. 


Wiki editors must be saved - they do not have auto saving features. Before exiting the page, be sure to Save at the bottom. Although, if you would like to preview your edits and formatting, click Preview. If needed, make changes and preview again, but before exiting, always save.

After saving, you will see your formatted text. Also, all pages and subpages will now appear on the right. 


From the right of Notes pages, you can start a new Notes page or subpage. You can select any existing page or subpage to view from the menu. At the top of each Notes page appears a menu:

Everyone on the project team can create and edit Notes. 


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