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Projects are workspaces for collaboration. Often team members will need to share and store files in an area accessible by other team members. The Files area of a project can be found on the side menu: 

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Projects have basic file storage capabilities in the Master Repository. For basic file sharing, click the Master Repository for your project. 


This will take you to the Master Repository. From here you can upload files and access files uploaded by others. To upload a file or multiple files, click "Upload."


Files can be organized into folders. To create a folder, click the folder icon to the right of Upload. You will be prompted to name the folder. To move existing files into folders, select the file(s) using the checkbox beside them. Then click the move icon: 


You can then choose where to move the selected files. Files can be moved to existing folders, but folders can also be created and files moved into them within this window. 

Download files by selecting them and clicking the download icon to the left of the move icon. Delete files by selecting them and clicking the trash icon to the right of the move icon. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. 

All team members have access to files in the Master Repository. 

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