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The To Do area within a project is a way for team members to organize tasks and responsibilities. Navigate to the To Do area from the left sidebar, and clicking "To Do."

The To Do page has two possible layouts, "Pinboard" and "List." The default view is pinboard. This help article will use descriptions and images for pinboard view. Full functionality is available in both formats. To change the view click the pinboard or list icon below "To Do."

On the main To Do page, you will see all tasks. This includes tasks on different lists, those that are assigned to you, and those assigned to other team members. A task icon is very informative: 

  • The text within the box is the basic task to be completed. 
  • The name in the bottom left corner of the icon indicates who the task is assigned to. 
    • Tasks may not have a name in the corner, meaning they are not assigned to one person in particular. 
  • Also in the bottom left corner may be a date. If there is a date, that is the date the task is due. If there is no date, the task has no due date. 
    • When this date passes, "overdue" is added behind the date. 
  • In the bottom right corner, there are speech bubble icons with numbers.
    • These numbers indicate how many comments there are on the to do. If a task requires a long explanation, extra information is included in comments instead of the central to do icon.

to do.JPG

To do icons may also appear outlined in different colors. Colors indicate lists. Lists are used as another level of organization to show tasks to be completed in one area of the project. To view all lists, see tasks only in a particular list, or create a new list, mouse over "List."


To check-off, edit, or comment on a to do item, click the comment icon in the bottom right corner. On this page you can edit the to do, check it off if it is completed, comment, and see who assigned the to do. 

to do view.JPG

Within the To Do section, you always have the option of creating a new to do by clicking the green button in the upper right hand corner of the To Do window.


The top menu provides multiple ways to sort and visualize To Do's as well. If you would like to organize the to do's differently than any of the automatic options, you can also drag and drop the to do icons. 

To-do's appear in the project activity feed and can be commented upon from here. 

to do in feed.JPG

Comments made here are synced automatically to the To-do section of the project. 

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