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Update your Profile

Update your Profile

Adding information to your QUBES profile helps others get to know you and aids in building connections in the community. 

Login to QUBES

To update your profile, you must first be logged in to QUBES. When logged in you will see your user icon, either your profile picture or initials, in the upper right corner of the page. If you see "Login" you are not logged in. Login to begin updating your profile. 

Not Logged In

QUBES menu showing user not logged in

Logged In

QUBES menu showing the profile picture indicating the user is logge din

Update your Profile

Navigate to your Profile

Once logged in, click your user icon. This opens the mini-dashboard, a useful navigation tool. From the mini-dashboard, click "Profile."

logged in user with profile picture highlighted

mini dashboard with profile highlighted

Edit Fields and Privacy

Now you will see a summary of your profile information. From left to right there are icons indicating visibility of each field, the field name, and any information you have already entered in that field. There is a profile completeness indicator in the upper right. 

profile landing page showing name, profile completeness indicator and option to edi

Click anywhere on a field to open the editor. You will see your entered information, a drop-down menu for some fields, the privacy setting for that field and the option to Save or Cancel. For each field, enter or edit text in the gray box.

organization field open showing entered text, privacy drop down, save and cancel buttons

You can customize the privacy settings for each field as you see fit. 

Suggested Fields

You should of course default to your comfort level about sharing information about yourself online. Below are our basic suggestions for fields to complete and display publicly:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Organization
  • Employment Status
  • Website
  • Interests 
  • Biography
    • Consider sharing about your background, institution, teaching/professional experience, and research interests

Change your Profile Picture

To change your profile picture, click "Change Picture" at the bottom of your current profile picture. You can then remove your existing picture or upload a new photo. Please note that these actions are immediate. Removing your picture will update your profile to your initials and uploading a new file will immediately replace the existing image. 



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