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A Curious Display

Author(s): Margaret Waterman1, Brandon Call, Sandi Connelly2, Kristin Jenkins3, Sam Catherine Johnston4, Vedham Karpakakunjaram5, Viet Le6, Hayley Orndorf7, Melissa Skyer8, Barbara Spiecker9

1. Southeast Missouri State University 2. Rochester Institute Of Technology 3. BioQUEST 4. CAST Inc. 5. Montgomery College 6. Rochester Institute of Technology 7. University of Pittsburgh 8. National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology 9. Oregon State University

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Materials for implementing the case study, A Curious Display. The case is provided in written English and American Sign Language. The Case Analysis Sheet can be used as a scaffold for students when they begin a new case study (or read a newspaper article). This sheet will help students generate questions and reflect on what they already know about the topics in a case, as well as identify types of resources to use as they learn more about GMO's. 


This version has been updated be more accessible. The documents now use built-in headers, ordered and unordered lists, and images have alternative text or long descriptions. The case study and case analysis sheets are also provided as Google Documents. 

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