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What’s the DEAL – The Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life and Digital Atlas Apps

Author(s): Jonathan Hendricks1, Bruce Lieberman2

1. Paleontological Research Institution 2. The University of Kansas

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The Digital Atlas of Ancient Life began as a digitization project funded by the PaleoNiches Thematic Collection Network (TCN), a series of interconnected National Science Foundation grants to multiple principle investigators. It was later funded by the Cretaceous World TCN. In the beginning, the project was envisioned as a series of Digital Atlases (field guides) covering different regions of the United States during specific time periods. The OrdovicianPennsylvanianCretaceous, and Neogene Atlases are some of the outcomes of this funding. A series of teaching resources (exercises) related to the four Digital Atlases were also developed for different grade levels.

Beginning in 2017, new pieces began to be added to the umbrella Digital Atlas of Ancient Life homepage, including the Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life (DEAL) and the Virtual Collection. Additionally, a Digital Atlas of Ancient Life App and Digital Atlas Identify App were developed. Find out more about the project including citations here

Important Links

20 minute video from two of the creators giving a summary of all of their products.

Digital Atlas of Ancient Life home page

Digital Atlas Apps including Digital Atlas of Ancient Life App and the Digital Atlas Identify App

Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life 

Virtual Collection


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