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Lesson V - Phylogenetics

Author(s): Anne Rosenwald1, Gaurav Arora2, Vinayak Mathur3

1. Georgetown University 2. Gallaudet University 3. Cabrini University

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Genome Solver began as a way to teach undergraduate faculty some basic skills in bioinformatics; no coding or scripting is required. Lesson V is an introduction to Phylogenetics.

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Version 2.0 - published on 22 Oct 2019 doi:10.25334/HBAR-5X64 - cite this


Phylogenetics is the study of evolutionary relationships.  Using DNA or protein sequence data from different species, it is possible to identify potential relationships among these.  This lesson introduces a software program called MEGA, which takes comparative genomic data and generates phylogenetic trees.  For this lesson, the materials include a slide deck with a transcript as well as an exercise, plus the exercise key.  


Materials were updated as of Fall 2018.  Note that because the slide decks and exercises point to external websites and web-based tools, some of the illustrations contained in the materials may not look exactly like the live website.  Functionality is usually unchanged. 

Added fasta files for PRIP exercise Fall 2019

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