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Created by our members and partners

Individual faculty and partnering projects contribute teaching resources for others to adopt, adapt, and implement in their own courses. QUBES supports Open Education Practices that make it free to use, modify, and repost materials with attribution, increasing the utility and value of the original materials.


Our Network . . .

We believe in the power of collective impact. We create opportunities for professional societies, curriculum projects, and STEM Ed researchers to join with and support educators.


. . . and Community

We recognize that moving quantitative biology education forward requires a community that works together to achieve its goals. QUBES supports community members by providing an open and inclusive virtual space for sharing quantitative classroom activities and resources, discussing teaching and the adaptation of educational materials to specific institutional contexts, and working together to develop new ideas and insights. We also connect educators with opportunities through our broader network in STEM Education, broadening the impact of quantitative biology education curriculum and research projects, conferences, and other initiatives.

  • Faculty Mentoring Networks
  • Workshops and Meetings
  • Classrooms
  • Collaborative Publishing
  • Project Websites
  • Private Working Groups

Build It On QUBES

Start Your Own Online Community

Would you like to gather a cohort of like-minded faculty or students together online in a virtual community? Take advantage of the QUBES platform for online collaboration customized for your project.

Run a Workshop

Are you hosting an in-person workshop? Consider using QUBES throughout the workshop to engage participants, share materials, and support post-workshop collaboration.

Run a Faculty Mentoring Network

If you have great teaching resources, a Faculty Mentoring Network could be a way to disseminate your work, get faculty feedback, and even student assessment data from a diverse set of classrooms. The Mentor Bridge program is designed to prepare Mentoring Network leaders for success.

Curate Your Own Resources

Host your resources on QUBES - save your precious grant dollars and use our feature-rich web platform built to generate faculty interaction, adoption, and adaptation around your resources.