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Megan A. Jones

Citing: QUBES or DRYAD

This data set is hosted on DRYAD and cross-listed here.  I'm wondering why there are two, quite different options for citing the data set as this seems like this could cause confusion later. I'm asking as I am considering using QUBES in a similar manner. 

As per DRYAD: Swarth HS (1931) Data from: The avifauna of the Galapagos Islands. Dryad Digital Repository.

As per QUBES: Harry Swarth (2015), "Morphological Measurements of Galapagos Finches,"

I understand wanting to give credit and keep track of where people initially find the dataset, however, this makes it appear as two separate data sets. Thank you for any thoughts you've had on the matter. 

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    Drew LaMar

    Hi, Megan.  It should be as you've listed (plus the original paper as well).  I've updated the citation.  Thanks for pointing it out!

    - Drew

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