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I used this module in a very small (4 student) sustainability minor capstone course, called "Sustainable Human Ecology". I did not need to introduce the quantitative skills to my students, since they were upper division, but I did review what the slope of a line represents. We read the most recent IPCC summary report for policy makers and a recently published opinion piece in Science on political agency (attached) during the ~2 weeks we discussed climate change in the course. I did not make any revisions to the TIEE module - my students were very motivated and excited to do this project. Since it was a small course, I had each student create graphs for 2 latitudes, and email the graphs and predicted change in temperature to me. I compiled all of the graphs/predicted changes into one document, which we discussed in class. Students then completed the attached handout on the project, after we had in-class discussion.

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Global Temperature Change in the 21st Century

Materials related to this TIEE module by Daniel Taub & GIllian Graham, Southwestern University, 2011

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