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Profile picture of Alison N Hale

Alison N Hale created this post

Stop telling kids you’re bad at math. You are spreading math anxiety ‘like a virus.’

Nice article that ends with a call for growth mindset, rather than math anxiety.

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  1. Profile picture of <a href=Denice Robertson" />

    Denice Robertson

    I absolutely think that we encourage math anxiety (as teachers and parents) when we discuss challenges that we had or tell kids stories of our troubles. I love math, but know that neither of my kids does and wonder if somehow in my zeal to get them excited about math I was guilty of raising their anxiety. Or they just thought I was weird because I told them I loved math!

  2. Profile picture of <a href=Jessica Joyner" />

    Jessica Joyner

    As the WP author introduces the post, I also can see myself in it.  Last week I was teaching biodiversity, I wanted the students to learn the components of determining an alpha diversity index. The activity starts off strong using 'randomly' assorted and selected M&Ms in the fun size bags and as a class we collect the number of colors in each bag.  The data is then used to calculate alpha diversity index, shannon-weiner; however, my resolve and confidence weakened as I explained the specific formula.  I found myself anxious about teaching it correctly and not wanting to loose the attention of my students because I was talking about mathematical details. Today, we meet as a class again and I will open up discussion about biodiversity to hopefully identify any student anxiety, confusion, or hopefully excitement about the models/math that helps explain ecological concepts.

  3. Profile picture of <a href=Joy Buongiorno" />

    Joy Buongiorno

    I love the idea of a growth mindset and reframing something that has always had negative connotations as something that provides an opportunity for growth. This article is not available for me, however, so I cannot read it. 

Math Anxiety, Mindset, and Inclusivity

Math anxiety is a real issue that can interfere with students' ability to learn and use quantitative skills.  This collection includes information on math anxiety and tools to overcome it as well as information on other issues that can influence student success including mindset, implicit bias, and sense of belonging.

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Kristin Jenkins

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