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Wendy Jo Levenson created this post

The New Statistics with R: An Introduction for Biologist

Author: Andy Hector

    " He currently convenes and teaches statistics on the Quantitative Methods for Biologsits course for undergraduates at the Universtiy of Oxford.  He has contributed to several publications on eccologal analysis."

Published: March 15, 2015 by Oxford University Press

Summary: This book provides a contemporary introduction to the classical techniques and modern ectensions of linear model analysis.  It emphasizes on estimation-based approach that accounts for recent criticisms of over-use of probability values and introduces the alternative approach using information criteria.  It is based on the use of the open-source R programming language for statistics and graphics that is rapidly becoming the lingua franca in many areas of science.  Statistics is introduced through worked analyses preformed in R using interesting data sets from ecology, evoluntionary biology, and environmental science.  Data sets and R scripts are available as supporting material.

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David Leaf onto R


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David Leaf

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Wendy Jo Levenson