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OER efficacy research articles.

  • Clinton, V. & Khan, S. (2019). Efficacy of open textbook adoption on learning performance and course withdrawal rates: A meta-analysis. AERA Open, 5(3): 1-20. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1177/2332858419872212 

  • Feldstein, A., Martin, M., Hudson, A., Warren, K., Hilton, J., & Wiley, D.   (2012). Open textbooks and increased student access and outcomes. European Journal of Open, Distance and E- Learning, 2  (online, http://www.eurodl.org/?p=archives&year=2012&halfyear=2&article&article=533)

  • Fischer, L., Hilton, J., Robinson, J., & Wiley, D. (2015). A multi-institutional study of the impact of open textbook adoption on the learning outcomes of postsecondary students. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 27(3), 159.

  • Hilton, J., & Laman, C. (2012). Case study: One college's use of an open psychology textbook. Open Learning, 27(3), 265.

  • Martin, M. T., Belikov, O. M., Hilton, J., Wiley, D., & Fischer, L. (2017).   Analysis of student and faculty perceptions of textbook costs in higher education. Open Praxis, 9(1), 79.

  • Pawlyshyn, N., Braddlee, Casper, L., & Miller, H. (2013). Adopting OER: A case study of cross- institutional collaboration and innovation. EDUCAUSE Review, November.(online, https://er.educause.edu/articles/2013/11/adopting-oer-a-case-study-of-crossinstitutional-collaboration-and-innovation)

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Links related to OER and SCORE Summit

Share links that come up in the SCORE Summit. May be related to sustainability, communication, collaborative opportunities, equity and inclusion, etc.

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