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  1. Robert Garrett Niemeyer

  2. SCORE/Hewlett Mini grant celebration - Feb 2, 2021 - YouTube

    25 Mar 2021 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Carrie Diaz Eaton1, Michelle Smith2, Amee Evans Godwin3, Cynthia Jimes3, Erin Vinson4, Brian Winkel5, Ben Galluzzo6

    1. Bates College and QUBES 2. Cornell University 3. ISKME 4. University of Maine 5. SIMIODE - Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations and Opportunities with Differential Equations 6. Clarkson University

    This is a recording of the presentations of results and lesson learned and panel discussion by recipients of the SCORE Network Collaborative Pilot Projects Program - Feb 2, 2021.

  3. STEM OER Accessibility Framework and Guidebook

    25 Jan 2021 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Cynthia Jimes1, Amee Evans Godwin1, Sean Fox2, Anastasia Karaglani1, Nick Lobaito1

    1. ISKME 2. SERC

    This framework, developed by ISKME in partnership with SERC, provides a practical reference for curators and authors of STEM OER, with 23 accessibility criteria, or elements, to reference as they...

  4. Closing the Gap in the Open Educational Resources (OER) Life Cycle for Using Research Data in the Ecology Classroom

    30 Dec 2020 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Kristine Grayson1, Kaitlin Bonner2, Arietta Fleming-Davies3, Ben Wu4, Raisa Hernández-Pacheco5

    1. University of Richmond 2. St. John Fisher College 3. QUBES; Radford University 4. Texas AM University 5. California State University-Long Beach

    Poster presented at the 2018 meeting of the Ecological Society of America on gaps in the curriculum cycle for open educational resources (OER) and our work supporting sharing and adaptation of...

  5. SCORE opportunity for much needed justice discussions

    08 Jun 2020 | Posted by Carrie Diaz Eaton

    The following is a copy of a forum post from last week - recorded here (link), but moved to the blog to increase visibility. Good afternoon colleagues and friends, The SCORE-UBE network has asked...

  6. Michael Mills

    I am the Vice President of E-Learning, Innovation and Teaching Excellence at Montgomery College, a multi-campus community college in Maryland.

  7. Biodiversity research using digitized, internet-based natural history collections

    17 Dec 2019 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Kaitlin Stack Whitney

    Rochester Institute of Technology

    Collections based research is a critical tool for organismal biology and biodiversity research. Yet natural history collections have a complicated past. This multi-class module examines the...

  8. Melanie Lenahan

    I am a Professor of Biology at Raritan Valley Community College where I teach General Biology (for majors), Genetics and Cellular & Molecular Biology.

  9. The QUBES Resource System: Integrating open educational practices into diverse education reform communities

    28 Oct 2019 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Sam S Donovan1, Drew LaMar2, Hayley Orndorf1, Sarah Prescott3

    1. University of Pittsburgh 2. College of William and Mary 3. University of New Hampshire

    Presentation on the QUBES Resource System given at the 16th Annual Open Education Conference

  10. The Role of School Librarians in OER Curation: A Framework to Guide Practice

    Collections | 18 Oct 2019 | Posted by Lisa Petrides

  11. CARE Framework - Toward a Sustainable OER Ecosystem: The Case for OER Stewardship

    Collections | 18 Oct 2019 | Posted by Lisa Petrides

  12. OER Toolkit - Created by Ontario Colleges (OCLC)

    Collections | 18 Oct 2019 | Posted by Lisa Petrides

  13. Prioritizing your Data Science Curriculum

    29 Jul 2019 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Lou Gross1, Sondra Marie LoRe2

    1. University of Tennessee Knoxville 2. National Institute for STEM Evaluation & Research (NISER)

    This is the summary powerpoint of the Monday session at the BioQUEST / QUBES 2019 Summer Workshop including the description of the student data project on height change overnight.

  14. PeerWise - an open question authoring tool

    Collections | 18 Jul 2019 | Posted by Sarah Prescott

  15. Natalie Stringer

    I'm the Director of Content Development and Resident Professor at LabArchives. Prior to joining LabArchives, I was an Associate Professor of Biology at Montgomery College. I'm interested in the...

  16. Karen Cangialosi

    I am Professor of Biology and Open Education Faculty Fellow at Keene State College. I incorporate Open Pedagogy into my courses because of its great value in revolutionizing teaching and learning,...

  17. Use of Peerwise and Twitter in Open Pedagogy

    10 Oct 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Sarah Prescott

    University of New Hampshire

    This presentation will demonstrate the use of two open tools (Peerwise and Twitter) to engage students in creating and discussing course content.

  18. A Primer for Computational Biology by Scott O'Neil

    Collections | 19 Jun 2018 | Posted by Sam S Donovan

  19. A Primer for Computational Biology by Scott O'Neil

    Collections | 13 Jun 2018 | Posted by Carlos Christopher Goller

  20. Distributed creation, community guidance, and OER development: current models and emerging practices

    19 Jan 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Ahrash Bissell

    The Monterey Institute for Technology and Education

    Presented at the BioQUEST 2016 Summer Workshop