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Alycia Crall created this post

2021 EDSIN February Community Call

Drs. Nate Emery, Drew Hasley, and Ellen Bledsoe presented and led a conversation on their recent publication: Cultivating inclusive instructional and research environments in ecology and evolutionary science. Specifically, they focused on the following:

  • The motivation for and development of the publication
  • Overarching themes of: Empathy, Flexibility, and Growth Mindset
  • Inclusive teaching practices (e.g. group learning, names/pronouns, syllabi and norms, and increased representation)
  • Inclusive lab culture (e.g. recruitment practices, interpersonal interactions, and cultural norms)
  • Inclusive fieldwork (e.g. advance prep, code of conduct, cost barriers, and accessibility)

Recorded on February 4, 2021. 

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Alycia Crall