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  • Created 22 Apr 2015

The B2 Scholars program is a two-year transformative professional development experience for Community College (CC) biology faculty. The goal of the project is to develop a community of practice that encourages participants to actively engage with disciplinary and education communities to improve their scienceteaching and collaborate with faculty, administrators and programs on their own campus to institutionalize effective science teaching.  The ultimate outcome of the B2 Project is increasing the success of students by providing CC faculty and campuses with the skills and resources to increase retention and completion for all students.

B2 participants work in teams consisting of two or three full and part time faculty.  In addition, each team will have an administrative member - such as a dean or department head, depending on the institutional structure.  The program consists of a combination of face to face meetings and virtual interactions between institutional teams, the entire national cohort of teams, and program mentors.  Teams will develop a project to address student retention and success in biology that is appropriate for their institution, work with the community to refine and implement this project and share their experiences with the broader community of higher education biology educators.   

This program is offered by the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT; and BioQUEST ( NABT and BioQUEST are dedicated to the continuous improvement of biology education at all levels.