Build-a-Genome (BAG)   

BAG is a course-based undergraduate research experience in which students create synthetic genomes. Pioneered at Johns Hopkins University in 2007, BAG was integral to the international effort to create the first synthetic eukaryotic genome (the Synthetic Yeast Project) and helped initiate the teaching of synthetic biology to undergraduates. This interdisciplinary course-based research experience allows students to learn concepts and techniques in genomics, bioinformatics, molecular biology, and synthetic biology while participating in a cutting-edge research project.

With funding from an NSF RCN-UBE Incubator award, the BAG Network was established in 2014 to build upon the BAG course's success and to integrate synthetic biology into the curricula of diverse institutions. The network hosted national and regional workshops to foster a community around undergraduate synthetic biology, developed teaching materials and software, and engaged in community outreach.

Given the success of these initial efforts, the BAG Network has received a 5-year RCN-UBE award to expand the network by bringing new and diverse institutions into the network and providing faculty training and support.


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