The BAG Course

The BAG course was started in 2007 at Johns Hopkins University as a way to quickly assemble large amounts of the Synthetic Yeast chromosome. This course was remarkably successful, leading to dozens of students being coauthors on a milestone paper! Materials and information for the synthesis of yeast chromosomes is available at this link.

With synthesis of the first synthetic yeast genome rapidly approaching completion, the BAG network is expanding this methodology to new genomes and workflows. Clicking on the title of each will bring you to a page with a full description of the workflow.

Workflow 1: Synthesis of bacteriophage genomes.

Workflow 2: Synthesis of  yeast neochromosomes.

Workflow 3: Programmed genome rearrangement in yeast, aka the SCRaMbLE (Synthetic Chromosome Recombination and Modification by LoxP-mediated Evolution) system.


The BAG team at Loyola University Maryland (chromosome IV)