Learning Objectives and Assessment

Following our Second Annual workshop in 2019, the network developed the following common learning objectives. Suggested methods for assessing each of the learning objectives are indicated. 

Learning Objective     Assessment Method

    1. Students can explain how engineering principles distinguish synthetic biology from other biological disciplines


    2. Students gain confidence in their experimental skills and better understand the process of conducting research

CURE Survey and/or Build-a-Genome Student Survey

    3. Students can explain the steps of PCR and gene assembly and the role that temperature plays at each of the steps

Lab Assignments

    4. Students can troubleshoot experiments by making rational changes to experimental parameters

PCR Troubleshooting Worksheet

    5. Students can effectively present experimental results in oral (or written) form

Lab Meetings

    6. Students can explain the relationship between genes and genomes, name some non-gene components of a genome, and describe how biological systems or genomes can be manipulated to address practical applications

Essay or Final Report