The Scramble System

Journal articles about the Scramble (Synthetic chromosome rearrangement and modification by loxP-mediated evolution) system in Sc2.0 synthetic yeast

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Biosafety and Biocontainment

How do we ensure the safety and containment of genetically engineered synthetic organisms?

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Synthetic Biology and Therapeutics

How synthetic biology can be used to diagnose and treat disease.

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Creating synthetic genomes

Papers about synthesizing the genomes of bacteria and viruses, and creating "synthetic life".

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Papers about coronaviruses, the genomes of coronaviruses, and how synthetic biology can be used to study and understand coronaviruses.

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Review Articles for the field of Synthetic Biology

These are general review articles reviewing the broad field of synthetic biology and are a good place to get an overview of the broad scope of the field.

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The BAG course at BUGSS

This is a collection of lab protocols, materials and slides from when the course was presented at Baltimore Underground Science Space in September 2019.

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This is a collection of syllabi for synthetic biology courses

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2015 First Annual Workshop materials

This is where materials live from our first national workshop in 2015

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