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  • Created 14 Jun 2016

Joining the Calculus group

Anyone can join the Calculus group and we encourage all our members to participate or contribute. Joining is as simple as clicking the "join" button underneath our logo.



Announcements are small messages that display on the group page (note: you do have an option to email announcements to group members as well). Standard annoucements will only be displayed under the Annoucements page. Sticky annoucements will be displayed along the top of all the group pages and any annoucements marked "high priority" will be in red.

announcement typesnew announcement


Collections are user generated collections of resources found across the web related to a particular topic. For example, you can have a collection of resources around the topic of differential equations. The example here is showing how to create a collection of text books. After clicking "new collection," you must give your collection a title and description. While tags are optional, it is recommended to give your collections tags.

new collectionnew collection

After the collection has been created, you then create a post within the collection to share the actual resource. Posts within collections can consist of links to blogs, articles, websites, books, or images etc. Click on "new post" and give your post a title and description. Adding an image file will display that image above your title when your post is saved (note: you can add any type of file here, not just image files). And if applicable, add the link to your source. As always, it is recommended to add tags as well.

new postnew postfinished post


We welcome all members to participate on our forums. You can discuss with fellow members on any topic related to this group. To start a new discussion, click on the "new discussion" button on the right.



Projects are online workspaces in which you can collaborate with fellow group members. Projects give you access to your own project files, databases, "to do" lists, and notes which can be uploaded and shared with your project members.



Resources are works that you can contribute that is shared with the group and may also be featured as a resource on the QUBEShub website. When submitting your own resource, you will need to select what category your resource should fall under. In addition, you'll need to give an abstract, details on how to cite this resource, authors, and upload the necessary files. After you submit your resource, will be reviewed to make sure it is complete, and then it will be published on the site.

resourcetypes of resoucesnew resource
Created by Jenny Kwan Last Modified Tue April 25, 2017 2:43 pm by Jenny Kwan