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  • Created 09 Oct 2020

This is a list of the requirements of this Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN). You must complete each of these items in order to complete the FMN. Detailed instructions for sharing final products will be distributed during the FMN but an overview of the expectations has been shared below.

  1. Be an active participant for the entirety of the network
  2. Implement materials into at least one lab exercise or two class periods during the Spring 2021 semester
  3. Share your final products to the QUBES Hub

Be an active participant for the entirety of the network

To accomplish this goal, you must:

  • Attend all of your FMN meetings
  • Post responses to discussion prompts in the forum
  • Participate in the end of FMN reflection on each of the projects

Implement materials during the Spring 2021 semester

You should implement at least one of the EREN-NEON Flexible Learning Projects during your Spring 2021 course(s). Most of the projects have several modules within it, you may implement a selection of the modules or the whole project. You may choose to implement the modules in separate courses (i.e. one module in your intro bio course and the other in your senior level ecology course). If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask one of your group leaders.

Share your final products to the QUBES Hub and with the EREN/NEON team

We ask that all participants complete the following final products from the FMN. If you implement more than one of the EREN-NEON Flexible Learning Projects, it is preferable if you can complete this for each project. 

  • Faculty implementation notes - Share a 1-2 page document how you implemented the project with your students to help other faculty implement them in their educational settings. This document will be shared on QUBESHub to help other faculty implement the modules in their own settings. 
  • Student assessment answers - Each module will come with student learning assessment questions. Faculty should plan to give these questions to their students and provide the EREN/NEON collaborators with the answers for evaluation.  
  • Faculty survey - The EREN/NEON collaborators will distribute a survey to all faculty using the modules regarding how the modules were implemented.  

We understand that scheduling meetings for a group of very busy faculty participants is difficult. If you have an unexpected conflict and are unable to attend a meeting, please let your group leaders know in advance.