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  • Created 14 Sep 2018

This is a completed Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN). FMNs are sustained, immersive, community-based professional development opportunities for faculty. FMNs support the adaptation and implementation of materials and/or instructional approaches in their classrooms. Learn more about FMNs.

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HHMI BioInteractive A&P

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  • produce teaching resources in content areas related to physiology that support existing HHMI BioInteractive stories
  • gain constructive feedback on your teaching module from HHMI BioInteractive staff, scientist educators, and fellow FMN participants
  • produce and publish an HHMI-associated resource on the QUBES platform


Final Products

Data Analysis and Cancer

Lynn Marie Diener

Version: 1.0 Adapted From: The p53 Gene and Cancer v1.0

This is a flipped classroom approach, students will learn the basic content about cell-signaling, p53, and transcription factors before class. During class students will focus on data analysis applying what they learned to their interpretation of the data
Resources @ HHMI - BioInteractive, Biochemistry, molecular biology, data interpretation, Biological Data Analysis, cell cycle, macromolecules, Genetic disease, Cell signaling, introductory, Online course, Teaching material, Lecture, Undergraduate, Homework, Majors, 1 Hour, Promoting Engagement and Self-Efficacy
This activity guides students through an online tutorial to examine the electrical and chemical communication of neurons.
introductory biology, neurobiology, anatomy and physiology, Cell communication, introductory, Online course, Teaching material, Lecture, Undergraduate, Homework, Majors, Non-majors, Less than 1 hour