Welcome to the iBEARS Network!

Who We Are

We are a network of educators and researchers working to infuse 21st-century skill training into undergraduate STEM courses and programs.


What We Do

We utilize and train others interested in using the iBEARS model (description forthcoming) to train undergraduate STEM students to virtually mentor middle level science students (4th-8th grade) in course-based research projects. 


Who We Partner With

We partner with STEM instructors and researchers, colleges, middle schools, elementary schools, and intermediate schools.



How to Join our Sleuth of iBEARS

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iBEARS Liaison

Michael Edward Moore

Michael Edward Moore

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

QUBES Liaison

Sam S Donovan

Sam S Donovan

University of Pittsburgh

I am a Science Educator in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. I teach introductory biology courses and help future faculty develop their teaching skills. I'm on the leadership team of the QUBES project and I spend a lot of my time thinking about how to bring new teaching and learning resources into classrooms.