2021 SSMA Annual Convention

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Date: October 28 - 30, 2021
Location: Virtual


The School Science and Mathematics Association describes itself as "an inclusive professional community bringing together researchers and teachers to promote research, scholarship, and practice to improve school science and mathematics and to advance the integration of school science and mathematics."

Attending iBEARS Leaders:

Presentation Details: 

  • “Past, Present, Future: The Evolution and Expansion of the iBEARS Network”
  • Thursday, October 28th from 8:00-8:50am CST

Program Chair:

Charles Emenaker

Contact: Tracey Sulak @ Tracey_Sulak@baylor.edu for more information

SSMA has been in existence, under various names, since 1901.  Its current mission is to be “a sounding board and enabler for all organizations seeking to promote, improve, and advance school science and mathematics and the integration of science, mathematics, and all STEM fields.” Its goals are to support the community of teachers, researchers, and practitioners, advance knowledge through research in STEM education, make scholarly research available to practitioners, and influence STEM education policy (https://www.ssma.org/).