NABT 2021 Professional Development Conference

Registration Link:
Date: November 11 - November 14, 2021
Location: Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA


Look for us if you attend NABT, a four-day conference that provides speakers, workshops, conference sessions, and special events.

Attending iBEARS Leaders:

Why NABT members would want to participate in iBEARS:

NABT is a unique combination of biology educators spanning all levels of education and as such there are many ways to connect to the iBEARS community:

For those in 4th-8th grade science/biology education:

- We are looking for classes who want to do research in their classrooms, but need a little help to get started.

- We are looking for those who have already started doing research in their classrooms and would like a way to expose their research students to other classes across the country doing research

For those teaching undergraduate biology:

- We are looking for people who want to teach the iBEARS course at their home institution or are interested in seeing how we teach it

For those interested in science/biology education research at either the K-12 or college levels:

- We are looking for people who want to conduct research on our growing program. Key research areas supported are: 21st century skill development, increasing diversity in STEM education, course-based research experiences in K-12 classrooms, undergraduate mentoring, and digital literacy.

For those not listed in any of the groups above:

- We love your enthusiasm! Please connect with us and we will find a way to get you involved in some capactiy!