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There are lots of ways that you can participate in iBEARS:

Getting Started 

This page has information about joining the group, participating in the forum, and using collections.

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We have resources for elementary teachers, middle school teachers, and post-secondary teachers!

Ask a Question in the Forum 

Post to the forum to ask a question or introduce yourself. Check out the discussion and join in!

Interested in partnering with our iBEARS program or starting your own?

Contact program founder and director Dr. Marty Harvill at

Join one of our working groups!

Working Group Charge Group Lead(s) Email Addresses
QUBEShub Develop a website where iBEARS stakeholders can find and share resources, find a supportive community, and build collaborations.

Michael Moore - University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Publication Disseminate information on the iBEARS program and its impact. Alex Tolar - Texas Christian University
Assessment Assess the impact of the iBEARS program on program participants Tracey Sulak - Baylor University
Alliance Connect the iBEARS Program to key stakeholders and recruiting participants to join the iBEARS program.

Tracey Sulak - Baylor University

Michael Moore - University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Workshop Inform and train potential and current iBEARS partners on how to effectively implement the iBEARS program in their specific context. Marty Harvill - Baylor University


Where can I engage with iBEARS at conferences?

Conference Title Conference Date / Location iBEARS Contact Name iBEARS Contact Email
Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) Conference Fridays July 9th - Aug 6th / Virtual Michael Moore - University of Arkansas at Little Rock
School Science and Mathematics Association Annual (SSMA) Convention October 28th -30, 2021 / Virtual Alex Tolar - Texas Christian University
National Association for Biology Teachers (NABT) Annual Professional Development Conference November 11th - 14th / Atlanta, GA Michael Moore - University of Arkansas at Little Rock