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Dedicated educators from across the nation are involved in the success and inspiration in

 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Advisory Board Members

Erin Dolan, Ph.D. 

University of Georgia


She researches scalable ways of engaging students in science research and mentoring of undergraduate researchers in science. She has designed and led a wide range of professional development on active learning and mentoring, including sessions for faculty to develop course-based undergraduate research experiences. She is also Editor-in-Chief of the leading biology education journal, CBE – Life Sciences Education.


Matthew T. Hora, Ph.D. 

University of Wisconson - Madison


He researches how educators and employers think about 21st-century competencies in the workplace. Also, he focuses on the role of self-regulated learning in professionals' career development and student academic achievement, and how educators and corporate trainers can begin to teach their students and employees how to develop this important aptitude. Finally, he also is engaged in developing research instruments and methodologies for the educational research community.


Julie Angle, Ph.D. 

Oklahoma State University


Her research interests include designing strategies to strengthen preservice science teachers’ understanding of the nature of science and the impacts of preservice science teacher’s engagement in authentic research experiences. She is also the chair of the OSU-National Lab Day event, a national initiative that bridges the communication gap between STEM researchers and high school students and teachers. Finally, she is President-Elect of the National Association of Biology Teachers.


Stephen Davis, Ph.D.  

Pepperdine University


He is PI and director of the Summer Undergraduate Research in Biology and First-Year Students as Scholars programs as Pepperdine University. He has published extensively and received many grants to support undergraduate research and is an expert in incorporating undergraduates into authentic research experiences. He has also won several internal and external awards for his achievements in biology teaching.


Luz Casquejo Johnston, Ph.D. 

Saint Mary's College of California


Her work in communities of practice centers on critical reflection of self as a way to foster cultural humility. She has been a proponent of Montessori in the public sector since her first position as a teacher, and currently serves on the board of the American Montessori Society, where her focus is on improving access to and equality within Montessori education.

iBEARS Collaborators 




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