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1516 Introduction Welcome to the iBEARS family! Please take a moment and introduce yourself to everyone as well as comment on other iBEARS member's posts. Let's build community! 2 Discussions 2 Posts
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1517 2021 Meet & Greets Post questions, topics, and comments to this thread to keep the conversation going! 1 Discussions 2 Posts
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1630 Developing bidirectional partnership goals A place for teams to develop and solicit feedback on the goals they set that will help them create a strong bidirectional partnership. 2 Discussions 2 Posts
1629 Developing your bidirectional partnership A place for teams to develop and solicit feedback on the development of their bidirectional partnership 2 Discussions 2 Posts
1631 Needs for and barriers to forming long-lasting, bidirectional partnerships A section for all to add their thoughts and comments on what needs have to be met to sustain a long-lasting, bidirectional partnership as well as what barriers might prevent one from forming or cause one to fall apart. 0 Discussions 0 Posts
1632 Why focus on partnerships? A place for teams to discuss why it is important to focus on the partnership first. 2 Discussions 4 Posts