iEMBER Travel Awards:

  • Travel funding is awarded to SPARC Collaboration Teams and individually to participants at iEMBER events.  Approval is required prior to incurring expenses, and participants must be traveling 50+ miles (except for registration support, which is available regardless of distance). If you have questions about the availability of travel funding or the status of a travel award application, please contact
  • Information about SPARC travel awards for collaboration teams can be found below
  • iEMBER event link to registration reimbursement and travel award request





SPARC Travel Funding for Collaboration Teams

(Supported Preliminary Awards for Research Collaboration)


Applying for SPARC (Supported Preliminary Award for Research Collaboration) Travel Funds

(For Collaborations that start virtually/outside of iEMBER conferences and workshops)

Please contact iEMBER RCN-UBE grant PI with any questions or issues (jana.marcette@msubillings)