Collaborative Pitch Rubric


iEMBER has funds to support the travel of new collaboration teams formed at our events (4-6 teams each year from 2019-2023). Applying for travel funding is a two-step process. The first step is to create an audio-visual presentation (2-minutes max). Presentations are assessed for iEMBER Award criteria, and teams that receive an iEMBER award are invited to submit a SPARC travel award proposal. The 2-minute "Collaborative Pitch" presentations could be one or more team-members narrating over a power-point slide. Please note that during the submission process, a team leader will need to fill in team member contact information, designate if members have worked together previously,  and describe the next steps for the group. The "Collaborative Pitch" presentation must be a reflection of iEMBER’s objectives, which are to coordinate the interdisciplinary research efforts of education, biology, social science, and policy/administration stakeholders with interests in diversity, equity, and inclusion. The iEMBER network focuses on expanding an understanding of how to create inclusive, supportive, and engaging environments to foster the success of students, including (but not limited to) those from underrepresented groups, such as racial and ethnic minorities, women, students with disabilities, first-generation students, and students identifying as LGBTQPIA+. While the focus of the network is bioscience education and research, new metrics and paradigms developed by iEMBER collaborators are expected to be broadly applicable to other science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines.

The "Collaborative Pitch" presentation should 

  • Include how the project is novel or creative.

  • Include how the project addresses inclusive environments in a way that will influence biology teaching, training, and/or learning. 

  • Include a slide that introduces team members and comments on their diverse perspectives within the collaboration team.

  • Be saved as a .mov or .mp4

  • Be no more than 2-minutes long

  • Be uploaded using the link on the "Working Groups" page


iEMBER Award Criteria "Collaborative Pitch" Presentation Rubric:

Your pitch and team will be evaluated following these components, which you must specifically address in your presentation.

  1. The collaboration addresses inclusive and supportive environments in a way that will influence teaching, training, and/or learning.
  2. The collaboration project idea is novel or creative.
  3. The collaboration team has a diversity of perspectives. (e.g. members from different backgrounds; multiple career groups: grad student - early-career professor -established professor - non-academic professional - high school educator; multiple institutions/schools)
  4. The pitch team is a new collaboration, where a 50% share or more of the team members have never previously collaborated.
  5. The collaboration team has identified a leader who will organize the next steps, and designated other roles within the collaboration.