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  • Created 11 Jul 2016



Exploring HIV Evolution

Version 1 published August 5, 2016

Exploring HIV Evolution is a computer lab activity that involves working with a set of HIV sequence data from 15 different subjects to study aspects of sequence evolution. It begins with an introduction to the dataset, then describes how to evaluate possible sources of HIV for these subjects, and then sets students up to design and pursue your own research project.

Incubator Details

Statement from the author (Sam Donovan):

This unit was published a while ago so the tool that it was written for (Biology Workbench) is really old now and it should be re-written in a way that it could be used by whatever tools people want to use. These materials were adopted pretty broadly but I think they should be moved to an online environment where the data can be downloaded easily. I also think that there could be a series of small introductory exercises that could take advantage of this dataset and that would be fun to explore.

Statement from the managing editor (Liz Ryder):

This material should be developed to incorporate the following NIBLSE Core Competencies: 

  • Explain the role of computation and data mining in addressing hypothesis-driven and hypothesis-generating questions within the life sciences.
  • Use bioinformatics tools to examine complex biological problems in evolution, information flow, and other important areas of biology.

Incubator start and end times:

This incubator will run from October 31, 2016 through December 9, 2016. 

QUBES Liaison: Hayley Orndorf

Licensing Information

All NIBLSE Incubators are under Creative Commons licensing. The default license for Incubators is the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This license allows for sharing of adaptations of the work, as longs as all adaptations are shared alike. It also  allows for commercial use of the work. Learn more at the Creative Commons website



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