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  • Created 31 Jul 2018

Introduction to UNIX command line

Version 1 published July 31, 2018

This resource contains materials to implement a multi-day workshop focused on helping students get oriented to the UNIX command line. This workshop will cover the basic concepts of UNIX operating system and shell scripting. Workshop provides hands on skills to confidently use the command line interface on either a local (laptop) or remote (hoffman2 cluster) computers running Unix system. The workshop teaches how to navigate around the Unix file system from the command line and use a number of basic, common Unix commands. The course is supplemented with many hands-on examples. No prior knowledge of Unix or programming is required.

details of students progression as they learn unix

Incubator Details

Statement from the author (Serghei Mangul):

Improve the materials and make them suitable for a broader audience through the following activities:
  • Review the technical or scientific content of the activity.
  • Identify pedagogical strategies for making it more student-centered, inquiry focused, or promoting active learning.
  • Document and annotate the materials so that they can be more easily used by other teachers.
  • Customize the materials so that they are accessible to a different audience, teaching setting, or course context.
  • Having others pilot the lesson and get their feedback on what worked and what didn’t.
  • Clarifying the learning outcomes and working on assessments that address those goals.

Statement from the managing editor (Mike Sierk):


Incubator start and end times:

This incubator will run from November 1 to December 1, 2018

QUBES Liaison: Hayley Orndorf

Licensing Information

All NIBLSE Incubators are under Creative Commons licensing. The default license for Incubators is the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This license allows for sharing of adaptations of the work, as longs as all adaptations are shared alike. It also  allows for commercial use of the work. Learn more at the Creative Commons website


Authorship Information

During the Learning Resource Incubator process a small group of faculty work on improving and supporting the use of existing bioinformatics lessons. Prior to the start of the incubator, the author addresses their expectations around participant authorship. Below are the author's expectations around contributions and authorship. 

  • Contributions to the teaching resource:
    • I plan to list each of the incubator personnel who actively participate as contributors.
  • Authorship of the primary teaching resource:
    • I plan to include incubator participants who make a significant intellectual contribution to the primary teaching resource as a co-author.
  • Authorship of derivative or customized materials:
    • I plan to support others if they are interested in customizing these materials for use in other course contexts or with other student audiences.

Below are the Group members who are working on this Incubator: