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Professional Development for Undergraduate Educators:

Scientific Thinking with Models and Data

Evolution 2017

Friday June 23, 2017

Room B112, Oregon Convention Center


Workshop Description

National reports such as Vision and Change call for engaging students in authentic scientific experiences, such as using models and working with real data. Teaching with data and models can deepen students understanding of key biological concepts, develop a greater appreciation of the process of science, and engage students in quantitative and computational thinking. In this workshop, we will explore some of the challenges and successful approaches to using models and data in the classroom.

Workshop is limited to 40 participants. Registration is $25 and lunch is provided for registered participants. Questions? Contact Louise Mead, SSE Education Chair: lsmead”at”msu”dot”edu

You can view the workshop schedule here.

Register through the Evolution 2017 site: http://www.evolutionmeetings.org/registration.html
Registration deadline: June 20, 2017