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  • Created 02 Dec 2022

BioTA Podcast FMN

Applications Due: January 15, 2023

Apply now!

Are you interested in flipping your classroom using podcasts? Apply now to join us for the Spring 2023 BioTA & BioQUEST Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN).

Participants in this FMN will pick one of the following:
1) Create new materials associated with a BioTA podcast and implement it in their classroom
2) Use existing materials in their classroom
3) Work on new podcasts and materials

While doing this, they will participate in biweekly virtual sessions to collaborate with and support others in the network and receive mentoring.

Applications are due January 15, 2023.

Space is limited, and the network is launching soon, so apply now!


Description: The BioTA Podcast is continuing the great work they did during the BIOME 2022 and are working to create and implement materials in new classrooms.


Dates & Location:

The virtual kick-off will be held in early February, 2023 (date and time TBD). The FMN will continue online to support the customization and implementation of activities in your course during the Spring 2023 semester.


How to Apply:

Applications are due January 15. You can follow this link to view the application form. Accepted applicants will be notified by January 20. Space is limited.


Commitment and Benefits of Participation:

To qualify, participants must be willing to incorporate the selected materials into at least two class periods (or equivalent) in their teaching during the Spring 2023 semester. Participants must also be able to commit ~1 hour per week for working with mentors and collaborating with other participants around the customization and implementation of the teaching materials. Additional time outside of these discussions may be required for independent work on adapting and reviewing modules.

**Access to teaching modules- participants will incorporate at least two of the selected materials in Spring 2023 classes

**Online support throughout the process of implementing new materials in your course.  Access to peer mentors on lecture/classroom/lab effective tips and strategies in small group virtual meetings every two weeks


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Phil Gibson at jpgibson@ou.edu.