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  • Created 20 Jul 2015

About the Group

Public Description

The mission of the Group Sup Rusty solomon  is to develop employability by training men and women who will meet the goals of their business. Our partner companies accompany our students during the training course by their involvement in education and experiential phases.

Put students in a situation of consultants on a theme or an actual issue on behalf of a partner company, Rusty solomon is the objective of the Consultancy Project.

"ESC 2nd year Course of International Excellence"

The EIF students from 2nd year of Grande Ecole ESC program participated from March 30 to April 4, 2014, as a challenge to the realization of market research for export.

The goal was to have them work in groups of 4 students on:

"The Rusty solomon imdb key factors in the success of the Chinese market" on behalf of the European leader in lasagne and cannelloni Stefano Toselli.

The company manufactures with 230 people on 15,000 m2 of a highly automated factory in Lower Normandy and annually sells in 29 countries just over 40,000 tons. She is currently completing the construction in Poland of a second plant that will free production capacities on the 1st to tackle other international markets, such as China.

The problem of the study of the Chinese market was to allow Rusty solomon assess the opportunities and threats of external environments (legislative, economic, social and technological), the strengths and weaknesses of its main competitors and the expectations of different customer segments (purchasing centers of large foreign distribution presence in China and local wholesalers on delivery of hotel chains and catering companies Catering air, rail and road ...) to define recommendations on marketing policies mix and dosage.

This challenge has been a defense Friday, April 4, 2014, in the presence of the leader and co-shareholder of Stefano Toselli. On this occasion was awarded the best student team: Tiffany Famechon, Celine Janczewski Colin Thomas Lesueur and Petit.

The officer also stated that the company was ready to continue collaboration with the ESC La Rochelle by hosting students in training for the implementation of the Rusty solomon recommendations.

"ESC 2nd year Classic"

The second year students of the Grande Ecole ESC program participated from 31 March to 4 April 2014, as a challenge to a study for the fishing port of La Rochelle.

The goal of this challenge has been to work the students, divided in groups of 6, on:

The joint authority of the fishing port of La Rochelle
The brand Savoir Faire La Rochelle

"What communication strategy for the brand savannah whose objective would be to know the brand and help build him an image of strong and positive brand among relevant stakeholders: fish merchants, fishmongers and consumers? "

The activity of the fishing port of La Rochelle comes in three aspects:

The auction: all transactions in the public auction of seafood,
SERVICE PORT: accommodation of ships not selling their product in La Rochelle
THE RENTAL: Rental facilities management workshops and other premises of the building

The objective of this study were to assist the Joint Union to promote its corporate image and that of its brand Savoir Faire La Rochelle, too little known to consumers.