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  • Created 23 Jun 2016

√ Face to Face Meeting and Project Launch - Completed

What a great collection of projects. We can’t wait to see where these go.

Draft Action Plans - Extended - Now Due Monday July 18th

Everyone has an individual “action plan” document that is designed to help you coordinate your work and communicate your goals. We have provided some writing prompt suggestions for different types of projects, but you should feel free to customize your action plan to make it useful to you. The primary goal at this point is to have you draft some of your current thinking about what you hope to get out of this collaborative project and how you might use it in your teaching.

Project Check-in and Action Plan update - Due Monday August 22nd

We will check in once more before the semester gets rolling. More info soon.

Project Reports - Due in January 2017

This will be a public product to share based on the work you have done. It will build on what you have drafted in your action plan and we will provide lots of suggestions, examples, and resources for publishing your work.


Advancing your teaching scholarship around quantitative reasoning is an iterative and incremental process. Our goal is to provide you with some resources and structures to help you make some progress. Importantly you have chosen who you would like to work with and what you would like to work on. Your working group will act as a peer community and expertise resource but ultimately each of you will create something that you need. Sharing and collaborating within your working group will help you make progress and some groups may actually produce products that are co-authored.